Older Old Work – Mostly Digital

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 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-10.jpg

 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-8.jpg

 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-5.jpg

 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-4.jpg

 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-3.jpg

 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-2.jpg

 photo MissyCochran-childrensphotograph-1.jpg

 photo photosofkidsinthefield-blog6.jpg

 photo photosofkidsinthefield-blog3.jpg

 photo photosofkidsinthefield-blog1.jpg

 photo photosofkidsinthefield-blog4.jpg

 photo Untitled-2-8.jpg

 photo Untitled-3-8.jpg

 photo Untitled-5-4.jpg

 photo Untitled-6-2.jpg

 photo Untitled-7-2.jpg

 photo Untitled-8-2.jpg

This was my favorite senior session.  She was uncomfortable looking at the camera and her mom loved my style.  These were taken at her house with her animals and doing the things she liked to do.

 photo Untitled-3-7.jpg

 photo Untitled-4y.jpg

 photo Untitled-6-1.jpg

 photo Risinger-151.jpg

 photo Risinger-150.jpg

 photo Untitled-4-2.jpg

 photo kidsattheappleorchard-0020.jpg

 photo kidsattheappleorchard-0034.jpg

 photo kidsattheappleorchard-0093.jpg


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