Old Work – Mostly Film

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I found my old Photobucket account. Here are some pictures that I still like.  Some are still “portraity”, but I don’t have anything new yet and a little bit is okay if it isn’t forced and if that is not the purpose of the session:

 photo samanthaseniorpicturesbymissycochra.jpg

My Niece

 photo babygirl.jpg

 photo A21181_17.jpg

 photo BabyMichael7.jpg

 photo ErikasFriends1.jpg

 photo BabyMichael2.jpg

 photo BabyMichael3.jpg

 photo BabyMichael4.jpg

 photo SaraGrayDowntownPortlandOregon6.jpg

 photo TaylorseniorpicsatHaggLakeOregon3.jpg

 photo ChrisandMollyHelvaciaCountryside-2.jpg

 photo HighSchoolSeniorPicturestakendow-1.jpg

 photo HillsborooregonFieldatSunset5.jpg